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Kai Geffen

software engineer


Versatile and determined software engineer with 5 years of client and industry experience. Enthusiastic learner who consistently explores new technologies and frameworks to continue improving as a developer, collaborator, and engineer. Brings years of experience in managing, facilitating, and communicating with clients and peers in order to achieve excellence in software solutions.



Celestial Web-app

website / client code / server code

Designed, built, and host a web-app card-game from scratch that is available and in use.

Directed a team of 5 artists, ui designers, audio engineers, and writers to create a cohesive and unique final product.

Used Websockets for connecting to the server, OAuth for account management, Git for version-control, DigitalOcean for cloud hosting, and Canvas for frontend visuals.

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Audio Mixing Application


Designed and developed an audio application that boasted a clean front-end, recorded and analyzed the user's voice using custom audio masking to determine most significant sound ranges, managed low-level audio buffers to ensure seamless audio fading, and played the created audio experience on custom hardware.

One key problem I ran into was ensuring that the high-res mixed track was ready by the time the user finished their selection process so there was no break in their experience. I solved this problem by making adjustments to the user flow, mixing a smaller length of the track so that it would be ready within the necessary timeframe, then starting the full mixing immediately and transitioning between the two, as well as other smaller performance optimizations.

IronMill: Zero-Knowledge DevOps

website / public code

Lead the team in designing high-level scope for our project, creating diagrams and specifications, breaking it down into actionable tasks, and ensuring best-practices were used throughout.

Attended industry-leading conferences and worked with key investors and partners to refine product-market fit.

Researched and advised on the technical aspects of Zero-Knowledge Proofs and where they could deliver the most value to our audience.

Executed end-to-end development in Python and Typescript for both frontend and backend.

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Website Redesign


Led a committee to succesfully redesign a nonprofit organization's website.

The resulting website was a vast improvement and has been vital for the organization to make programming available for their ~600 annual participants over virtual covid times and since.

Coordinated with stakeholders, wrote an RFP specifying the needs of the project, ran the interview and hiring process, communicated with the design agency (Limus Design) throughout the project, and provided webmaster support for the website once it was live.

Used Wordpress and CPanel to host and keep the site up to date.

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